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Step in Time, and Look Good doing it!

watches handshakeGrayson Allen offers procurement of fine timepieces and a complete array of watch services for all finer watch brands, including Rolex, Tag Heuer, Cartier, Breitling, Baume & Mercier, and Chanel.

Our extensive network of business partners provides us ability to source your fine watch at competitive prices. 

Getting a price quote is easy! Request one online today!


Certified Professional Watch Repair

watch repairDust, moisture, impact and vibration all take a toll on fine timepieces. Trust servicing of your valuable watch to the professionals at Grayson Allen Fine Jewelers.

Need service?  Bring your watch into our store, or schedule an appointment online!


Polish & Restore your Fine Timepiece!

Does your valuable watch shine with the brilliance it had when new? If not, bring it in our store for a quick buff and polish while you wait!

Radiate flashSo it needs a bit deeper cleaning and scuff removal, too? No problem. We'll get it ready for tonight's big event with a quick shine, and schedule an appointment for complete restoration at a later time! 


Replace Watch Batteries Regularly

watch battery replacementA dead watch battery should be replaced immediately. The potential for leakage and resulting damage to the internal components of your valuable timepiece is greately reduced by this simple action. Drop your watch by the Grayson Allen store and we'll replace your battery while you wait! Remember, a watch battery is designed to power your watch for roughly two to five years. 


Laser Engraving for Lasting Memories

precision laser-engravingAdd a sentimental note, or mark a significant date on your precious timepiece with our expert laser engraving. Grayson Allen uses the latest precision equipment and techniques to etch your Personal Expression for lasting memory!

Our jewelry experts understand how different precious metals behave under laser, so you can rest assured of a perfect engraving, every time.