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Our Diamond Buy-back Guarantee

Purchase any loose diamond from Grayson Allen Fine Jewelers, and you'll receive credit for the amount of your original diamond* when purchasing a larger stone. Our guarantee is a perfect way to build value toward your next purchase! When you're ready to move up, you'll always know exactly how much your original investment will lend toward your next fine jewelry piece. Regardless of the type of item in which your original diamond was set, it will retain the exact dollar value you paid for the loose stone. Guaranteed.

*original diamond must be previously purchased from Grayson Allen Fine Jewelers.


custom design-cad image-ringThinking about a move up?

necklace single diamondConsidering a move up and want a one-of-a-kind custom jewelry piece, but have no idea where to start? It's easy! Simply request a free, one-to-one Complimentary Design Session with a Grayson Allen design consultant. Our "no pressure" policy means we'll provide you information needed to make an informed decision, without any expectation you'll be doing it today. 

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