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What about Diamond Cut, Color, Clarity & Carat weight?

The Diamond Cut

  1. The sparkle of a well cut diamond has the ability to make it appear larger than you might expect it to appear, based on the carat weight alone. 
  2. The diamond's cut is a very big factor contributing to the diamond's overall beauty. Grayson Allen recommends purchasing the highest cut grade within your budget. 
  3. All diamonds have various degrees of brilliance, but a well cut diamond will always appear very beautiful. 
  4. A diamond which is poorly cut will usually appear glassy, or dull.  In many cases the diamond will have some distinct dark areas, too.
  5. Shape and cut are often used interchangeably, but it is important to understand that shape describes the form of a diamond (e.g., round, oval), and cut is a grade that describes the light return (i.e.,"sparkle") of the diamond. 
  6. The higher the cut grade of a diamond, the higher the cost. This is true not only because the diamond is rarer, but also because of the skill required by the cutter to produce the beautiful stone. A well cut stone also requires more time to create, too.

The Diamond Color

  1. The human eye tends to detect sparkle (light performance) before color. This is why color is generally considered the second-most important characteristic of buying a diamond, after cut.
  2. As diamond size increases, the color of the gem becomes more noticeable. This is especially important to keep in mind if purchasing a diamond of two carats or greater.
  3. The visible difference between diamonds of one color grade, for example G to H or I to J, is so minor it is difficult to detect with the unaided eye. The cost savings, however, can be significant.
  4. Diamond shapes that reflect more light (i.e. have more sparkle), such as round or princess, can mask some color in a diamond.
  5. The type of metal in which a diamond is set can complement its color. Consider setting diamonds graded I or J in yellow gold. White gold or platinum best complement diamonds with a color grade of D through H.

The Diamond Clarity

  1. Diamond imperfections are typically very, very small and usually cannot be seen by the naked eye. 
  2. If cost is a primary consideration in the selection of your diamond, consider purchasing a diamond with a visible imperfection if it might be hidden behind or underneath a ring prong where it would never be seen. 
  3. As the size of a diamond increases, remember the size of the facets increase, also. Thinking of each facet as a "window" into the diamond, it is important to realize that you ideally want higher clarity grades as your "windows" increase in size. The reason here, is obvious. 
  4. Diamonds with long facets (e.g. Asscher, emerald shapes) are designed to emphasize transparency over sparkle. For this reason, Grayson Allen recommends purchasing a minimum clarity grade of VS1, or better. This will help ensure any imperfections will not be visible. 

The Diamond Carat Weight

  1. A diamond's carat weight by itself will not provide an accurate depiction of the diamond's overall size, although the carat weight should definitely be considered in conjunction with the measurement (in mm) across the top of the diamond, along with the cut grade.
  2. The price of any diamond will increase at the full carat, and half carat increments of weight. To get the best value, try to purchase gems just below these incremental weights. A good example would be to purchase a .98 carat weight diamond vs a full 1 carat weight diamond. You won't see a noticeable difference in size, but the difference in cost will definitely be noticeable!

Why is Platinum a great choice for my Diamond Setting?

 Grayson Allen recommends Platinum for your diamond's setting for several reasons:

  1. Platinum's natural "sheen" provides accentuation to the brilliance of your diamond.
  2. Platinum is the most durable metal used in today's jewelry fashions, and will hold firmly your valuable diamond.
  3. Being one of the strongest metals available, platinum will not "lose" any metal if scratched. It will also not "wear away" over time.
  4. Platinum can develop it's own unique look (called "patina"; an oxidation or chemical reaction from contact with the skin), it can easily be polished or buffed back to the original, shiny brilliance by Grayson Allen Fine Jewelers at any time. One desirable feature of platinum however, is the patina-look. Each ring develops it's own character over time, based on the wearer's interaction with the metal. 

Should I buy Jewelry Insurance through Grayson Allen?

Why we recommend purchasing Perfect Circle Insurance from Jewelers Mutual through Grayson Allen Fine Jewelers. 

Jewelers Mutual Authorized PartnerYour one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces are more than just valued possessions, they're extensions of your personal expression to people around you. They are symbols of feelings for your loved ones, and of life-long relationships. Protecting your valuable investment from theft, damage, mysterious disappearance or loss is as natural and important as protecting anything of great value.

Grayson Allen offers Perfect Circle Jewelry Insurance to our customers as part of our services commitment to your perfect ownership experience. When you have Perfect Circle Jewelry Insurance we’ll replace your lost engagement ring, broken watch or stolen diamond earrings with the closest possible match, down to the finest details.